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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

With these my locs, I be wed

Loc Statement By Dreadlocdcutie:

I used to see people with locs and go, "man those look icky" or " man that is too much hair and I just KNOW its hot in the summer." For years, I have often asked myself what I would do with my hair if i ever got tired of wearing braids and perms and weaves. I started to see more and more people with locs and they looked beautiful, healthy, clean, and well maintained. I grew tired of holding my arms above my very thick mane of hair applying microbraid after microbraid to my already thick mane of hair. I got tired of the chemicals and then came the biggest shock..... my gyn doctor said I had to have a hysterectomy at age 28 and here I am only now 29. Yes, I have children so that was no worry but of course this was gonna bring about a change in my life and so i decided to do a complete reinvention of me inside and out. Before surgery I got the courage to go to the barber shop and have him cut all the perm off my hair and leave me with my nature texture no matter what the remaining length was. I ended up with a teeny weeny afro (TWA we call it in NY, lol) I had surgery and I received so many compliments about my short naturalism and I grew to love me even more. I got my comb coils installed on Aug 6th 2005 and only went back to learn how to wash and retwist and what to use and not use. After month 1 I have been maintaining it myself. I love to color my hair and that is my disease, lol (color in loc disease) but I have learned that over the 9 months of watching my locs change, I love them so much and the funny thing is I have had alot of people ask if I have Sisterlocks because of the shape, size and texture of my locs. I take that question as a compliment to Sisterlocks, freedom of naturalism, and freedom of spirituality. I have learned to love and adjust to my locs much like my life. Thru my loc journey I am now pleased to say that my two daughters Angelica age 12 has decided to have locs so I started her jouney with braidlocz, and my 11 yr old daughter Miya, has asked me to cut the relaxer off her ends and do traditional locs and palm roll like mine. She has been loc'd for two months thus far. So, with this my locs, I be wed the journey of love, life and spirituality and marriage to my beautiful locs.

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