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Monday, August 03, 2009

My Nappy Narration!!

(my babies are short, so I generally wear them like this, freestyle or with an ouchless headband)

When I first decided to wear my hair natural it was just a random thought. I didn't appreciate or like my natural hair. I thought it was difficult, damaged, and most of all unacceptable for me to be seen in public in such a way. In the end my whimsical decision to "go natural" turned into a journey that continues to grow into something more profound.
In April 2010 I will be celebrating my loc'd anniversary!! I am appreciating each part of my journey from the frizzies to the little buds. Blogging is becoming such a great way for me to document my journey and connect with other ppl with loc'd hair, I am one of two women in my entire family with locs so the feedback and sense of community here helps alot! Check out my blog,
I am definitely at the phase where encouragement and advice is welcomed with opened arms!!!

Thanks 2 all and enjoy your journey! :-)