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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wow... Braidlocs...!?!?

After wearing my hair natural for over four years, and having obtained just about every natural hair style known to wo-man.
Even after wearing wigs and weaves and getting press n'curls in the name of "keeping it natural" I started my long overdue quest for the perfect locs to suit me.
I googled daily on types of locs and found one that I could easily do and maintain myself. My BraidLoc-Anniversary is 8-16-08. Had I been better informed of the many alternatives to locked styles I would have chosen braidlocs years ago. There is unlimited versatility with styling. You have the choice to not chop off all of ones permed hair at one time to get these locs, which I've heard many women speak about. My favorite fact about them is that they're extrememly cost effective. What more can you ask for ?