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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sisterlocked in SC - Another Sisterlocks Success Story

After seeing an acquaintance with beautiful SLs in January 2007, I immediately started exhaustive research. I wanted to know everything about Sisterlocks - how they're done (technique), what were their origins (history), and what they look like over time (journey)...

I Googled "Sisterlocks" and stumbled across Maryee's blog first. From there I followed links on her page and eventually discovered the LHBE. These resources - dozens of SL Journeys chronicled in words and pictures really helped me to make up my mind about starting SLs of my own. Mine were installed in March of 2007, 3/29 to be exact.

I intend to detail my journey in the hopes it helps others as those who came before have helped and encouraged me. Enjoy!