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Friday, July 06, 2007

lovin' my locks more and more every day

i guess you could say i was never really comfortable with my processed hair. i hated the smell of the relaxer and i wondered how something that was as thick as my hair could turn into something so thin after just minutes with a relaxer.

luckily, i came to my senses when i graduated from college and moved to california for a fresh start. and i really saw the light when i stopped hiding under braid and twist extensions a few years later. i loved my 'fro, but i had always admired locs and even considered loc extensions in the past. but i didn't know the first thing about maintaining or even starting them, since i didn't know anyone with natural hair (let alone locs!).

and then i discovered and after a few years of perusing the loc forum and various fotki albums, i decided to start my locs in january 2007. i had read so many posts saying that you just know when you're ready - and that was definitely the case with me. though i love locs of all shapes and sizes, i went with sisterlocks. i think that no matter what kind of hair/hairstyle you have, everyone experiences bad hair days. but i have to say that since i've had locs, mine have been few and far between. i've gotten nothing but positive feedback, but more importantly, i'm completely happy with my decision to loc.