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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dreadlocks Hair Care!


Dreadlocks are a natural way of wearing your hair that was made world-famous by Bob Marley and the Rastafarians in Jamaica. 

For black women 
the advantages of dreadlocks are considerable:
  • Once formed, dreadlocks are way less work than most other ways for a black woman to maintain her hair.
  • It is completely natural: no dangerous chemicals needed.
  • It is a way to show pride in being black.
Most black women, at least in America, either put dangerous chemicals in their hair to straighten it or they wear wigs or weaves – hair that is not naturally theirs. So dreadlocks are one way to wear one’s own hair in a natural way.
Some companies do not like you coming to work in dreadlocks, but most will accept them if they look nice.

You need a special kind of 
shampoo to wash dreadlocks. Most shampoos have stuff that will stay in your hair after you wash it. Combing and brushing will get rid of it, but with dreadlocks you never comb or brush, so it will just build up in your hair and cause trouble.

The reason dreadlocks get that gray look is because of the wax that is used to help form and maintain them. You can do it without the wax but it is harder.

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dreading methods include: 
 - just stop combing
twist and rip
-twist hair separate pull repeat
-comb the hair backwards towards the scalp
twist and neglect
-great for african hair just twist then let it do its thing
-use a crochet hook to weave hairs together
-The natural methods is technically the best method for everyone's hair and causes 0 damage to the hair. Just let your hair do what it wants to do when you feel lil dreads starting to form begin separating them accordingly.
Advantages: This completely natural people nothing to it just letting it grow for itself.
Disadvantages:Well its natural but the only real problem would be the shape of the dreads and the size they will come out as. If you separate them the way you want then you could end up with great looking ones or messy but beautiful ones. Also this method is not for the people afraid to look a lil messy.
2strand TwistTwo strand twist seem to have become oddly popular in the dread community due to multiple artist getting them done. Its just two even groups of hairs twisted repeatedly into coils. No real damage is done in this method. (Works best on African hair)
Advantages:Its extremely simple to do barely any damage and if you want salon looking dreads i guess this would be for you.
Disadvantages:Until they mature a little sometimes gel will be needed.
Twist and Rip- Its similar to the 2 twist method but very different. With this method you will yet again gather the hair into two equal strands then twist them together then pull them down the middle to the scalp. This creates knots forming the dread. You would keep going down the dread till you get to the tip. Its one of the most recommend ways to create dreads
Advantages: Very simple like the 2twist method and very little damage done. Dreads become very nice through this method. Can be done on any hair texture.
Disadvantages: It does cause a certain amount of damage. But not as much as backcombing.
Backcombing- This method suggested by dread companies because of how you will look before they mature a little aka Sonic the Hedgehog Although this is how my dreads were formed I wouldn't suggest doing it. It causes stress against the hair follicles. With this method you section the hair off into blocks then take a section and comb towards the scalp with a metal comb the hair will begin bunching up at the scalp slowly forming the dread.
Advantages: Extremely simple to do anyone with a metal comb can do it. Can be done with any hair texture.
Disadvantages: Will cause you to look like Sonic for a couple of days or weeks. Damages the hair more than the first methods will. Also can be extremely painful if you have help.

Crocheting-Latch Hook-Sadly this evil method is pushed upon people looking to get dreads done without getting the facts first. Crocheting will make your hair in to "perfect" looking dreads but will utterly damage it Its weaving the hair together.
Advantages: Well if you are one of those extremely impatient people I guess this is right for you it will give you instant looking dreads.
Disadvantages:This is one of the worst ways to form them. You are sticking a metal pin in and out your hair and often breaking the inner hairs. This causes so much weakness in the dreads and breakage at the root. Especially when to "maintain" these dreads you are to continually stick them. This reach for perfection is ridiculous and not natural.
Interlocking Is the most pushed thing in salons for beginning and maintaining locks. Its the interloping of hair till the lock together. They twist the lock and pull it through the roots of the hair. This is quite damaging for the hair as the roots are often over tightened and weak to the point of falling off.
Advantages: They look slightly good for a period of time.
Disadvantages They will eventually fall out. This method is pushed on people cause salons make you think dreads have to be perfect and the only way to do this (to them) is constant locking. Also cause they get paid by the hour (around 80 to 100) to do this easy yet slow method. This method puts uneven stress upon the lock and roots. This can make the dread look uneven and eventually fall off the head onto your pillow most likely,Once you have done it too much there is no way to really help you recover.
Felting-The second worst way to begin dreads these create instant dreads but at a extremely high cost.
Advantages: Instant dreads thats it there's nothing else good about this.
Disadvantages: So many where should I start well they literally break your hairs to stick them together. This the rough insane version of crocheting . If you choose to do this your hair will most likely fall out or break off this method just causes that much permanent damage.

 With dreads not much is needed to keep them in shape you are suppose to let them do their thing.
Keeping them clean: A residue free shampoo or soap is needed for this. Residues slow down the dreading process and slowly adds gunk into your hair. I personally My Black soap Shampoo You don't have to continuously wash your hair but it has to be clean. Overwashing your hair can cause it to dry out fast washing either twice a week or every two weeks is just fine your hair will not smell bad. To dry them i would first let them air dry a bit then use a blow dryer. When they are still new be careful while washing. As a way to deeply cleanse them a baking soda wash followed by organic (apple cider or vinegar) rinse will be perfect to make sure you get all the residue out your hair. 
Tightening roots Dont mess with them theres no need they tighten themselves but if you really feel the need to you could root rub. Which means basically rubbing the root of the hair against the scalp in a clockwise motion. I wouldn't do this cause it tends to weaken the roots and over tightening them is not good for the dreads. Just let them do their thing.Tightening the dreads There are many ways to attempt to tighten them sea salt(which dries black hair out) lemon juice rinses(which also dry your hair) to name a couple.Beads might help to tighten loos dread sections. Really the thing that will help you the most is to just let them do it themselves. 

 Dread wax is one of the worst buys you can ever make. Its for one non-water soluble meaning what ever you do its most likely wont come out if you use it. The only real ways to get out is either boiling your dreads, using industrial glue remover, repeated high temperature washings or just getting rid of them. All wax is is glue dread companies sell it cause they just want your money and they really don't care about your dreads. Dont buy anything from them. If you really need a wax substitute use straight up aloe vera oil from the plant. If someone from a salon or whatever tells you that you need wax ignore them cause they are ignorant, wax kills.

UPDATE: washing well we don't have to wash as often as others do so i recommend once a week or once every two weeks

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've become obsessed with this song...

Wild Beasts- Albatross:

I must listen to their whole album, when I get le chance. You should too :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Up and away.

Very excited for my holiday. Was very upset I had to put it on hold this year, 'cause I had delayed my may exams, in order to do them at a later date- due to the stresses of earlier this year :|

I know what camera I'm purchasing and bringing ('cause my DSLR is too large and my mini cam is sh*te quality).

I know what my playlist for travelling there will be.

I know who's coming with me, more or less.

I just need to find out where the best clubs are and figure out the best (cheapest) month to travel in.

I'm sad one of my good friends couldn't make it, but she just got back from holiday- so f*ck that beeeych!

I'm excited, can you tell? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Locked Hair Blog Exchange: 4 Years In the Lock Game ;)

Locked Hair Blog Exchange: 4 Years In the Lock Game ;)

4 Years In the Lock Game ;)

Been Gone for a while but im BaCK!!! and Loving my Length and Color....As a 16yr old I Made a big leap to get Sisterlocks....and After some time....Lol, I proudly whip my hair.....20yrs Old with Gorgeous Sisterlocks, i think thats a great accomplishment.

Check Out the Blog as I Attempt to be Consistent>>>>

Sunday, May 01, 2011

family ties

...yesterday i went to another family reunion meeting (every other year we have a reunion in a different state). for the last 1.5 yrs, family in illinois have been meeting to plan for our july event. unfortunately, there's always tension, arguments, drama over some of the smallest things, but the issues flow from problems of years' past. hurt feelings of what was said time ago. and lack of interest in dealing with the gorilla in the room head on. but things came to a head yesterday. our normal 2-3 hour meeting extended into a 6 hr venting session. voices were raised. tears flowed. apologies were said. and hugs were given. and though i thought at one point this reunion would truly be the last that we'd be able to host together, we came full circle (as family should) and at least began to heal old wounds. emotionally, i was drained afterwards, but content in knowing that hopefully we can create some better memories with the time we have left. you said it right, marilyn. the only thing really important in this life are those you call family. and since nothing is promised us, we need to be mindful of how we spend our time together.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Growth of a woman

In 2008 I decided to loc my hair & then in 2010 I took it down to live the afro life. Now that 2011 has come I returned to my locs! check out my video blogs and pictures to watch the evolution of my hair!
cheers & happy hair days!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

3.5 years, and I still love them...

It's been a very looooonnnnnnnnggggg time, but I am still in love with my sisterlocks since day1

I just recently completed the sisterlocks training course. I am looking forward to having clients!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hairstory - Afro to Locs

Hi Everyone,

My journey started in 2004, when I chopped off all my hair and grew my very own chemical-free, stubborn and nappy Afro! I researched locking methods in the meantime, and discovered sisterlocks - but I couldn't get them since there were no certified consultants anywhere in South Africa (nor the whole continent, at least back then).

I settled for traditional locks in 2007 which I kept for almost 3 years. I finally have gerrylocks since 2010, and I can honestly say I love the versatility of microlocks. I maintain my own hair, and you can view my trials, errors & triumphs at