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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yasu's #LocLuv

I have now been locked for 10 years! I started small sized ones, with finger coils, that I maintained by palm rolling the first year, and interlocking for years 2 & 3.

I then combined mine because I not only had a lot of locs, but the maintenance was time consuming. I have been palm rolling ever since. The frequency has changed to at least once a month or as needed/desired.

My locs are mature now, but I am in menopause and I have been ill a few times. Therefore, I free form often, to retain the strength of my locs. I have never been into perfect parts or edges for my own hair, but when I want to, I do take care to make them very neat.

Other than that, I keep my locs separated, so they don't marry, and I keep them clean, conditioned and palm rolled then styled into coils or crinkles.

I am pleased with my journey and have not yet felt the unction to cut them or take them down. So I am still #TeamLocs #LocLuv #LocNation #LocdUp

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