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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Been a Long Time...

Greetings Friends and Lock Buddies,

I've updated my blog so be sure and check me out when you get a chance. And please leave comments, I'd love to know you were there.
Waterfall Blessings,
Katika (6 years 8 months SL'd)
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Naturaly Free's Sisterlock Saga

Hey Sisterlocks fam...

I feel in love with Sisterlocks when I noticed them on a lady from my church. I ranted and raved about them for a year. I finally had them installed in July of 2005, everyone politely said as little as possible. They were expecting this finished look and not so much scalp showing but I knew that before long, they would be growing down my back. To make a long story short, after a year and a half, my hair wasn't coming out as I imagined so I combed them out for a LONG tedious month. I'm not willing to say it was my consultants fault, my fault or the texture of my hair's fault but now I know exactly what I want, how to maintain them and I am ready for my 2nd set (yippeee).

I am
a Sisterlocks consultant in training servicing the metro Atlanta area as well as anyone willing to travel. Give me a call TODAY for your free consultation at (678) 887-9912 or email me at

Take care!
Naturally Free