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Saturday, November 28, 2009


First of all thank you Maryee for welcoming me to the family of the Locked Hair Blog Exchange. I AM CELEBRATING MY SECOND INSTALL OF SISTERLOCKS!!! I am very pleased that I made the decision to go natural. And choosing sisterlocks has been THE best choice that I feel within my heart I could have made. The versatility you have with sisterlocks is very rewarding. Versatility is what most people enjoy about their hair. Just by going natural does not mean that it is something we can not enjoy. I have had every hairstyle, weave and haircolor you can think of, and it never felt like the...real me. Now I feel like this is home. I can enjoy the ocean's waves, windy days, stormy nights, brisk mornings, and the humidity of hot summer afternoons, all while not worrying about my hair. This is because I have allowed myself to completely embrace my beautiful, nappy, kinky hair. I have refused to strangle, whip, straighten, "correct", complain about, fry, dye and lay to the side the hair that God has blessed me/us with. I love it when they say, "I got free when I got locked up!" 'Nough said! Much love for everyone! Ignore the ignorance and naysayers! Remember it's a journey, so be patient my fellow butterflies. Lock on and Peace out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Evie's Sisterlocks Journey

Evie - A Day in the Life...My journey to hair freedom!

Hello LHBE,

My name is Evie, and my Sisterlocks were installed on 11/20-21/09.  I am looking forward to this journey and I am delighted to join the Locked Hair Blog Exchange, thanks Maryee!  I hope my words will inspire, inform and maybe even give you something to smile about! 


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jhavia Nicole...Natural Haired Beauty

I knew that it would lead to this. What I mean is: I knew that locs were the destination in my natural hair journey. I stopped perming my hair in 2004, and I have not looked back since. But, it wasn't all great from there. From 2004 until summer 2009 I wore my hair in twists, braids, sew ins, wigs...I wasn't perming my hair, but I wasn't rocking it either. Summer 2009 I decided it was time for some changes. No more braids...I wore my hair OUT. In the past, the only time I wore my hair loose was in between styles, but after reading a few natural hair blogs I decided to quit the weave cold turkey. I have had good and bad hair days, but I am fortunate that I am truly getting to know MY hair.

I am loving this locking process! I know I haven't posted in a while...I have been really busy. I wanted to take a minute to tell you ladies and gentlemen what is going on with my hair. I must say that I love it! It is really fitting into my lifestyle. I will admit that there are times when I am not so pleased with my baby locs. But now I am more carefree. I don't stress over it, and I really just let my hair do its thing.

I will style my hair occasionally, but for the rest of the month I am not going to style it at all. I am going to focus on keeping it moisturized and let it be.

I will keep you posted on my hair. Check out my youtube channel for my update videos.

P.S.- My friend blogs with me as well; she recently did her big chop and is planning on locking her hair.

Monday, November 16, 2009

nicole is the new black

My hair story, like many, has been filled with numerous plots twists, a few villains, and a bit of danger.

I am a fotki veteran, having a web album documenting my hair for almost 8 years. I have maintained that album from the bluegrass of Lexington Kentucky, the Capitol heights of Washington DC, the flashing lights of London England and now from my current home in Berlin Germany. During my nappy years I have adorned lock puffs, traditional locs, a cropped fade and now sisterlocks. I know a bit about this natural hair thing :)

My blog and youtube channel not only focus on hair but touch on various aspects of my life.
I talk about dating, the trials and tribulation of being an overweight woman, my makeup whoring, being a Black American in Europe and a host of other things.

Join me as I live my life passionately in pursuit of my happily ever after.

My YouTube Channel - nicoleisthenewblack
My Fotki Album - novabeauty
My Blog - nicoleisthenewblack

Monday, November 09, 2009

Naturally Yours...

Greetings to all the Lovely and Locked out there...I am so excited to be apart of this forum and I can't wait to share my journey with all of you. I am truly motivated by looking at all of your blogs and I hope to do the same for others yet to visit LHBE.

I have decided to incorporate Sisterlocks into my lifestyle and so far, it's been completely worth the 22.5 hours it took to install. As of October 27, 2009, I have been on this exciting journey! I hope that as I face the peaks and valleys to come, I will gain insight, encouragement, and maybe a few laughs from all of you. I promise to provide the same. Until next time,

Naturally Yours...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Yasu's #LocLuv

I have now been locked for 10 years! I started small sized ones, with finger coils, that I maintained by palm rolling the first year, and interlocking for years 2 & 3.

I then combined mine because I not only had a lot of locs, but the maintenance was time consuming. I have been palm rolling ever since. The frequency has changed to at least once a month or as needed/desired.

My locs are mature now, but I am in menopause and I have been ill a few times. Therefore, I free form often, to retain the strength of my locs. I have never been into perfect parts or edges for my own hair, but when I want to, I do take care to make them very neat.

Other than that, I keep my locs separated, so they don't marry, and I keep them clean, conditioned and palm rolled then styled into coils or crinkles.

I am pleased with my journey and have not yet felt the unction to cut them or take them down. So I am still #TeamLocs #LocLuv #LocNation #LocdUp

Also, check out my website The Kitchen Salon!