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Saturday, October 07, 2006

guess who's comin' to dinner........

blessins, and i'd like to thank maryee for kindly inviting me to join this site. it's a sincere pleasure. i have to be honest tho, as i wonder aloud if she's doing so just to get some more "male presence" here. i was looking at all the lovely sistas already participating, but still wondering where are the other brothas? *laffs* just kidding, of course!

but seriously, those of u who are already familiar with me know that i'm pretty "old school", in that my experiences with dreadlocks and their maintenance are limited to what was going on 15 years ago or more, and i like to keep it very simple. i was hesitant to participate here initially because i know some of my views might run counter to those of others on this site, and i don't want to ruffle any feathers or make anyone feel like i'm disrespecting them. but having been invited again to be a member here, i have decided that tho there is a wealth of information on many ways to initiate and cultivate locks, my blog will offer insight into the "older ways" to grow them. maryee speaks on wanting participants only who will have no "negative vybes", and i agree with that whole-heartedly, and it's my wish that none of my posts will come off as such. just please keep in mind 2 things when reading my blog: 1) i'm a MALE and we tend to be wired a bit differently than the fairer-sex, and 2) i'm an OLD DREAD, set in his OLD WAYS. *laffs* i know that my thoughts and words won't be apt for everyone, but i'm hoping i can learn from being here, and someone can also learn from my presence too.

anyway, thanks again for welcoming me here, and peace an' blessins to u all, guidance everytime.