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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From blonde curly tresses, to rockin golden locs!

17 months! My little fab locs have come a long way :-)

Hello everybody!!! I'm so excited to join this network and the rest of you on my loc journey! October 3, 2009 my 128 (I counted last night) baby interlocked locs were born over a 12 hour period thanks to my good friend!

I've been relaxer free since the latter part of 05 and didn't fully embrace wearing my curls until Summer 07 - what took me so long! As my hair started to grow and I experimented with different product and hairstyles, I always found myself having hair envy when I saw someone with a beautiful head of locs!

At the beginning of this summer, I decided that I would loc my hair up at the end of the summer. I thought this would be an easy process, but I was wrong. I did lots of research on different ways to begin locs and decided on tiny braids. With my hair being so fine, I figured that would be the only way to start them - I was wrong! 3 days after I did a test set of five locs, my braids unraveled! Ok, back to the drawing board.

Someone mentioned sisterlocks, but I wasn't in the mood to pay for that. I finally ran into someone who started their locs via interlocking and tried a few on my head and realized this was the way to go!

I am going to be keeping track of my new journey on my blog From Fab Curls to Rockin Locs