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Monday, August 31, 2009

My sisterlocks Journey in Photos ........
This photo represents my feeble attempt to curl the thicker locks. As you see, the curls are fewer, less dense, they separate and they don't last. I attempted to curl them much tighter than they appear here. This photo was taken before I took out the first 2 rows of locks and adding a little color. In the next photo, my first two rows are new locks. (Locks were picked out and replaced - a long tedious process.)
This photo was taken after my crown locks were combined. I took out the top two rows of about 5 "combined" locks and replaced them with about 13 new thinner locks. At the top, I no longer have the fullness shown in photos below.

What I enjoyed most about my locks was the ability to wear my hair forward. My top locks were thin and there were many giving me great styling flexibility.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Loc'd and Loving It!

Hi all!
I started my locs and maintained them myself. No professional or anyone to really guide me. Therefore, I have learned a lot! I get a lot of compliments on my hair and talk to people until I'm out of breath about how to upkeep their locs. Well, there are times where I felt I was missing something or left out a few details. It didn't dawn on me until now (July 2009) to write a blog. So here I am… To write about something that I am passionate about: my lovely locs. December 2009 marks the three years on my journey!

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Monday, August 03, 2009

My Nappy Narration!!

(my babies are short, so I generally wear them like this, freestyle or with an ouchless headband)

When I first decided to wear my hair natural it was just a random thought. I didn't appreciate or like my natural hair. I thought it was difficult, damaged, and most of all unacceptable for me to be seen in public in such a way. In the end my whimsical decision to "go natural" turned into a journey that continues to grow into something more profound.
In April 2010 I will be celebrating my loc'd anniversary!! I am appreciating each part of my journey from the frizzies to the little buds. Blogging is becoming such a great way for me to document my journey and connect with other ppl with loc'd hair, I am one of two women in my entire family with locs so the feedback and sense of community here helps alot! Check out my blog,
I am definitely at the phase where encouragement and advice is welcomed with opened arms!!!

Thanks 2 all and enjoy your journey! :-)