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Friday, November 24, 2017

Luvlockd - My Sisterlocks Evolution

jun 2008

jan 2010

feb 2011

mar 2012

july 2013

dec 2013 - The 90 day Challenge continues!!!

June 2014 - 6 years and counting!

July 2014 - I LOST it!!!

July 2015

August 2017

In June 2008, I decided to finally end the lifelong love-hate relationship I had with my hair and get locked up. Just as the blogs of others inspired me, I hope my blog encourages others to fall in love with themselves...and become luvlockd with their own naptural hair!

Feel free to drop by ;o)

Sisterlocks birthdate: Jun 18, 2008
Starting length: 3-5in" (even shorter in front)
Labor of love installation time: 30 hours
Number of locks: 400+