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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Locked and Roaring Proud!

Hello! I'm Kimberly and my sisterlock birthday was January 15-17, 2010.  Sisterlocks were my blessing when I came to the crossroads of wanting to be natural, wanting to be locked, but also wanting to be active (running).  I've been running for over a decade so any hairstyle I chose whould have to accommodate that. 

I have been natural since February 28, 2007. One day I got up and had my then-boyfriend/barber shave my short, relaxed cut right off - no transition necessary!  From then until January 2009, I kept my hair shaved low.  In 2009, I grew my hair into a 'fro.  October 2009 was when I decided to try to start locks by coils.  It wasn't practical for my active lifestyle, and lack of time.  So in November, I uncoiled my hair and scheduled my sisterlock installation with the excellent Danielle.

Please follow my little journey at - and there are bits about skin health, getting a doctorate, career, and my life. I'd just adore some followers and please take a look at those that I follow - they were incredibly inspirational for me.

Be well, be blessed!