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Monday, October 06, 2008

Dr. Locs II

Hello everyone!

I updated my blog on April 4, 2010. I have new pictures posted that I took right after I finished re-tightening my hair. Check me out! My hair is long enough to pull back in a band and re-tightenings are getting faster.

My blog is primarily about my natural hair journey, but I also have some posts on what it is like being an underrepresented minority at a predominantly white institution. I have also been blogging about my daughter, who in April 2009 was hospitalized and diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

The picture I have posted here was taken about 2 years ago and shows my traditional locs, which I started in 1999 with single braids. In February of 2008 I decided to start over and cut my hair. After 6 months of wearing a short, curly fro I was ready to loc it up again. So in September 2008 I put about 400 micro braids in my hair to start smaller locs. Visit me at Dr. Locs II!