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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lovin' Locks: Her Final Sisterlocks Journey

Greetings fellow locked sistren and kudos to you Maryee for providing this forum. I am excited to be on this my last locking journey.   After several tries at traditional locks via single-strand twists and one stab at Sisterlocks - come join me on  my final Sisterlocks journey!

Initial birth date:  7-15-2009
Locks:  Less than 275
Soft Spikes Roller Set

I love the look of manicured, traditional locks; however, the whole twist, wash, come loose, retwist, wash, come loose is too much for me.  In the past I put any and everything in my soft, loose wave hair to "get it to lock".  I just couldn't subscribe to the "don't wash your hair for six months" philosophy.  No way, that's just nasty so I went through months and months (did I say months) of the "twist, wash, come loose".

One of the sisters in my congregation used to ask me about locking as she admired my "twists-to-locks" as I affectionately called them since my hair hadn't actually locked up.  She went to a loctitian and commenced cultivating hers.  Now they are shoulder length and doin' what they do!  I found myself staring at her during the meetings thinking "I want locks!".  To fast forward this story I decided due to the texture of my hair I would go the Sisterlocks route to achieving fierce dreads.  The concept of being able to roll and style them held no fascination for me (like I said I LOVE traditional locks-the look, the size, everything); but being able to wash my hair early on is what attracted me to Sisterlocks.
My cousin says I look like a terrorist in this photo, cracked me UP!

Thanks to empowering sites on the WWW like LHBE I am able to be encouraged and educate myself about locking in general and Sisterlocks in particular.   I look forward to learrning how to take care of my own hair as I have never been big on paying other folks to do my hair.   Shortly after the first install attempt (7/09) I had every intention of taking the Consultant class in ATL this December.   However, I have also been looking at and contemplating the Nappy Locks Business Kit.  I might as well keep it real, I will be purchasing it in about 7 hours when I awaken for this day.

The latest:  I am still in "install" phase for my Sisterlocks.  Read my blog  and you'll see why.  This has got to be THE longest Sisterlocks install in history. 

Since July my hair has been cut minimally 6", I've dyed it dark brown to light, to lighter, to something else, then came to my senses and back to black.  So, my locks do not look like the photos here.  I DO miss my white hair.  But, good news, I already see white peeking through at the roots.  YESSS!!!!!  I can't wait 'til it grows back.  ;-)


Lovin' Locks

Lovin' Locks with her handcrafted Lock Tie