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Monday, July 30, 2007

Locked since 11-2-06 & still counting!

hey!!! i'm part of so many different groups, i told myself i wouldn't join any more (only bcz i would start to forget passwords and such). but i've seen this L.H.B.E all over the place, i couldn't resist. i want to get in contact with other naturals and loc'ers & plus, this community is ever growing & i want to be a part of every minute of it.

i have three accounts (links at the bottom) that ch
ronicle my journey with locks, started on 11/02/2006. my first intention was to get sisterlocks, but due to the money issue & the fact that micro locks weren't for me, i opted for traditional locks. although i did go to the salon to get them started (with two strand twist), i maintain them myself mostly with the latchhook, and i periodically treat myself to the salon for a fresh palm roll. they are all different sizes & lengths & I love every minute of it (being natural in general) & at no time can i EVER see myself rockin a perm again in my life. i am a 19 year old girl and just like mentioned in her blog, i hope that i can be an inspiration to any other young black women to not let society judge them or label them & to not be afraid to step out & be different.

ok i'm tired of typing now, so please, just stop by my spot & show me love!

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Been Gone for a Minute now Im Back!!!! its been almost 3 years with my lovely sisterlocks!!!! Im 19 now, and a New Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated!!!! Ready to get share with the world this wonderful journey I've been on since July 12, 2007!!!!