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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hair Labor of Love: My Journey to Sisterlocks

Hello, my name is Monica and I've traveled this journey (i.e., Sisterlock) since April 14, 2005. One of the main reasons that I chose Sisterlocks was because it allowed my own hair to do what is was designed to do--lock, while also offering me the capability to style it in the same fashions similar to relaxed hair. There isn't a day that goes by when someone stops and asks me, "Are those braids or locks?" Even when I'm having an off day, that question always makes me smile and reply, "They're Sisterlocks!" Come and experience my journey with me. Go to:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ja Stu's Sisterlock Journey

Hi all sisters,

I am really enjoying my baby locks. I get a lot of compliments on a daily basis. I read the blogs daily they are so enlightening. It's like I have had locks for a long time. I was thinking it could be because I have literally watched Still Waters' (my daughter) locks for as long as she has had them, and it's like it's my journey (the maternal side of me smile).

I look forward to Brunsli's blogs daily...what a sis can write? Love you girl.

Haven't mastered the blogging yet, but I'm getting there. Also I have to get me a digital camera soon. I hope Mother's day will be a good time. (hint hint)

Ja Stu