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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sexxi Sassy & Locked

Hey, My name is Marna and I hail from the wonderful beautiful city of San Francisco, California. You can checkout my blogged Sisterlocks journey (I am one month into it right now). I'd love to have some followers and I will in turn follow you. I am a mother, and an entrprenuer. My partner/cousin and I am launching a ladies tees line in the Spring 2010, so you;'ll get to see how my life unfolds and the joys of me having Sisterlocks and living life to the fullest!

Please visit my blog Sexxi Sassy & Locked today!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sister With Sexy Locks

Hello all,
Currently, I am residing in Sunny Southern California and I would love to meet up with any Loc Sisters near the SFV area. My Loc Anniversary is 8/9 and I have been enjoying the journey thus far. I am also looking forward to swinging my sexy long locks as I do my other love, Bellydance!!
I am excited to join this exchange especially since I stayed up endless nights browsing it before I had my very own Sisterlocks installed. I have been natural for over 6 years and I decided to go natural because I was tired of trying to force my kinks to lay down. It just wasn’t happening and I hated feeling self-conscious about looking like I needed a new perm when I just had it done only 2 weeks prior. I am so happy I made the decision to go natural knowing what I know now about relaxers.
Well with my hair natural, especially now having Sisterlocks, I can no longer be self-conscious because all I feel is free. Free to let my beautiful kinks be and even though this can sound cliché, I truly feel free to be ME!!

Perm Rod Curls

Styling using Soft Spikes @ 6months
Pipe cleaners 3 years

Please come on over and visit my blog and share your thoughts and advice.
Chat with you soon! You can also check out my videos and subscribe to my You Tube channel at

Friday, October 23, 2009

Braidlocks Down Under - 4 months In

My name is Yahvinah and I have been natural for the past 9 years.

I, like many others, never chose to get a perm, it just got given to me, and for many years I was trapped in the cycle of perming and thinning, and all of the other things that come with it. In 2000 I decided it was time to end it, I was sick of dealing with the lifestyle, and I have never looked back.

I have never been a high maintenance girl as far as my hair, and I have really been looking for something that is nice looking, and does not require the CONSTANT battle that my longer natural hair required. (I was not a fan of detangling).

Lets just say I had a COUPLE of Big Chops since 2000...

I have always been interested in locking, but never knew where to start, I always thought it would be too hard, and I knew free-forming wasn't for me. It didn't help that I relocated to Australia, not exactly a Mecca of Black Hair Care...

After a long distance obsession with Sisterlocks, I finally decided that going overseas to get them installed, and maintenance was not an option for me. But then I found out about braidlocks.

After LOTS of research, I decided braidlocks were the way for me to go. (I originally had a set of 2 strand twists, but I have since switched to braids) 15 hours and ~400 braids later, I was on my way. My braidlocks were created on the 29 September 2009.

I am not much of a product junky, but I do intend on finding out what works for my hair, and also what level of maintenance will allow me a balance of ease and manageability.

I hope this blog of my trials and errors, can help other aspiring braidlockers on their journeys, and perhaps make the transition a little bit easier.

Please feel free to visit me at LOCS DOWN UNDER to see where my journey takes me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello World

My name is Raxxie. My journey is slightly different from many naturals. I've been natural my whole life. As a child I was never allowed to have a perm though my mother had one and swore by it.

I wore braids (extensions) since before I was 6 years old. I can't even imagine how much money was spent to have people braid my hair till I learned to do it myself. Then I learned how to weave. Then I started pressing my hair. So, my hair was either weaved, pressed, or braided all the time. I NEVER left it in its natural state. That bothered me. Why did I have to hide my hair? At the end of 2007 I had almost completely lost my curl due to heat damage and decided to stop the madness. I treated it, and cared for it till I got sick of the straight ends and BCed December 2007.

At the end of 2009 I realized how often I had my hair in box braids and was getting sick of re-doing it all the time. Plus, I lusted after the beauty of dreadlocks and considered them a natural progression in my natural journey, so Oct 12/09 I installed my last set of braids. I'm currently into my locking journey and I LOVE it!

I'm a DIY type of person which is why I'm documenting my braidlock journey for other curious braidlockers! Feel free to come check me out:

You can also come and see my fotki:

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From blonde curly tresses, to rockin golden locs!

17 months! My little fab locs have come a long way :-)

Hello everybody!!! I'm so excited to join this network and the rest of you on my loc journey! October 3, 2009 my 128 (I counted last night) baby interlocked locs were born over a 12 hour period thanks to my good friend!

I've been relaxer free since the latter part of 05 and didn't fully embrace wearing my curls until Summer 07 - what took me so long! As my hair started to grow and I experimented with different product and hairstyles, I always found myself having hair envy when I saw someone with a beautiful head of locs!

At the beginning of this summer, I decided that I would loc my hair up at the end of the summer. I thought this would be an easy process, but I was wrong. I did lots of research on different ways to begin locs and decided on tiny braids. With my hair being so fine, I figured that would be the only way to start them - I was wrong! 3 days after I did a test set of five locs, my braids unraveled! Ok, back to the drawing board.

Someone mentioned sisterlocks, but I wasn't in the mood to pay for that. I finally ran into someone who started their locs via interlocking and tried a few on my head and realized this was the way to go!

I am going to be keeping track of my new journey on my blog From Fab Curls to Rockin Locs