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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tosh's Twisted and Dreaded Journey

I started my natural hair journey in the summer of 2000. It was then I made the decision to stop relaxing, and start accepting myself for who I am. I was in hair school, and after studying the effects of chemicals on the hair I knew that my decision was a good one. I rocked different hairstyles then, braids, afro, press & comb. Still, I knew I wanted to go the loc way deep down inside therefore, I eventually went loc'd permanently in 2001. I haven't looked back since. In the pictures you can see my journey and how far I have come. Its been eventful, but nothing compliments me better or makes me feel as free as having loc'd hair. What an oxymoron huh? Well its not...the term dreadlocks came from individuals who decided the hairstyle is dreadful. But by looking at all of the beautiful people rocking locs now you can see there is nothing dreadful about it. At my natural haircare blog...On the Road to Queendom I will update on products, natural haircare, and beauty all together. Visit me so we can take the journey together!