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Monday, November 16, 2009

nicole is the new black

My hair story, like many, has been filled with numerous plots twists, a few villains, and a bit of danger.

I am a fotki veteran, having a web album documenting my hair for almost 8 years. I have maintained that album from the bluegrass of Lexington Kentucky, the Capitol heights of Washington DC, the flashing lights of London England and now from my current home in Berlin Germany. During my nappy years I have adorned lock puffs, traditional locs, a cropped fade and now sisterlocks. I know a bit about this natural hair thing :)

My blog and youtube channel not only focus on hair but touch on various aspects of my life.
I talk about dating, the trials and tribulation of being an overweight woman, my makeup whoring, being a Black American in Europe and a host of other things.

Join me as I live my life passionately in pursuit of my happily ever after.

My YouTube Channel - nicoleisthenewblack
My Fotki Album - novabeauty
My Blog - nicoleisthenewblack