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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Year in Hair-RastagalNJ

I am ending the year with a collage of my loc styles of 2006...Have a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year.

Grace and Peace to you my fellow sojourners in locdom. I am so happy to be welcomed into the Locked Hair Blog Exchange. My loc journey began almost 10 years ago, it was an instant attraction but a slow acceptance of what was the inevitable. I am loving every day of being locked and can't imagine why I took so long to make the transition. Share with me as I chronicle my journey into the kingdom of natural hair as well as the story of how I became "The Jamerican Loc Diva known as rastagalNJ. Click on the title to read my story and you can visit my online photo albums at


***Update-6-20-07*** I have been locked for almost 11 years now, I started my locs from comb coils that a friend did and have not looked back since. I maintain my locs by washing when I feel the need (sometimes weekly, sometimes longer stretches LOL), and when I do twist, I only finger twist the roots with a mix of honey, olive oil and aloe vera gel. Lately I have been letting them do their own thing, so I haven't retwisted in a few months. I also have stopped using products on my locs except some oil every now and then. My locs seem to be happier without all the stuff I use to put in them.