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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Nappy Journey from Afro’s and Twist – Sisterlock’s

My Nappy Journey from Afro’s and Twist – Sisterlock’s

Hello my fellow Sisterlocker’s, you can call me Tyshea….I joined the SL family on March 2-3 2008 after being continuously nappy for the last 4 years. I started my SL’s with 6inches of dense curly hair…..and so far I am LOVING THE FREEDOM OF MY SISTERLOCKS. I was determined to get my SL’s after finally learning to LOVE and EMBRACE my naturalness. I looked at dozens and dozens of pictures and read so many blogs that I decided to blog my journey as well, so when years have gone by I can see how far I have progressed….and also so I can take lots of picture’s and talk about myself, my kids, and my life…lol!!

Please stop by my blog anytime to read and get to know me a little more. Don’t hesitate to leave me comments and suggestions to help me along my journey. I’m glad to have joined this wonderful family!!!

Tyshea aka Nappty1

Remember Only You Can Make You Happy!!