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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Memoirs of a lil nappy headed & my Sisterlocks

Though I've been natural my entire life, I have felt
a sense of freedom
with my Sisterlocks. Going from
California girl to a Southern woman, the
one thing
that remained is the desire to keep my hair natural.
I found
Sisterlocks and I saw my dream on the heads
of the most beautiful women I've
ever seen.

In January 2006, I entered a sisterhood that has bonded
me with
phenomenal women all across the country.
I have had the pleasure of
hearing various stories and I
am honored that anyone would be interested in
The encouragement and enlightenment that we have all
brought to the
table is definitley the start of a beautiful
liberation/revolution for Black
women everywhere.
For now, I am simply living life and loving it.