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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is dreadslocs - RIP

Greetings all,

First I would like to thank Dreadlocs for his love for his freeform locs.

Secondly, he was a proud member of the community of folk who carry dreads/locs.

His own journey started 5/15/05. His journey carried him far from his initial vision of where his locs grew to. His initial vision and plan was to have the "perfect" set of manicured locs. And to that end,  he almost drove himself crazy. :-) His first 6 months was spent twisting obsessively, one braidloc session and one latch session at a time.

When he found himself waking in the middle of the night twisting he was forced to pray for relief. His answer came in the form of advice given to him by folk he referred to as his freeform mentors, Tai of this forum being one of them.  Dreadlocs journey was one of "letting go." He washed and condition/moisturized with all natural products whenever he wished. He often went for months at a time without what some referred to as "poppin his dreads" and loved the freedom he was gifted with!  It was quite a feeling to believe his Creators vision of his hair was much more profound than his own...

peace an blessins, Dreadslocs... Your fotki loc family will always remember you for your wonderful photo sketches, encouraging comments in our photo albums and sharing your journey with hundreds of us in the community.  May you continually rest in peace.

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