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Monday, September 17, 2007

Amba's Sisterlock Journey..From Africa to London to Atlanta..

I got my sisterlocks a year and a half behind my twin sister Ama, because I fell in love with them immediately I saw them.They were the answer to prayer. Over 2 decades of relaxers had left my hair lifeless. I had cut it and was keeping it natural with weaves and braids but knew they weren't a lasting solution. When Ama told me about her discovery of Sisterlocks, I knew this was it. I couldn't wait. We both took the consultant's training class together in 2003 in New York. At the same time I had my Sisterlocks put in then flew back home(it was Ghana then) to be the FIRST Sisterlocks consultant there. In the following years I have moved continents twice(from Africa to London and most recently to Atlanta, Ga) leaving behind many wonderful clients but looking forward to helping many new sisters and brothers here to "come home" to Sisterlocks. I have two natural daughters - 4 and 2. The 4-year old is Sisterlocked and my son has been promised Brotherlocks for his 12th birthday.(He's 10.5) if he's good. He asks me everyday. Please enjoy my journey which is being resumed as some of you may know.(Cross my heart, I will keep up!)

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posted by Amba Saturday, Jan 11, 2008

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