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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bend Of My Hair

I accidentally went natural.

There was no come-to-jesus moment. No staged revolts against creamy crack. No late night epiphanies.

Eight years ago, I got my last perm and just never looked back. I didn’t walk out of the appointment vowing never to get another perm. I just never went back to my stylist, who I had been with for years.

I initially started off with braids and over the next several years wore a variation of sis twists styles. I received lots of compliments. When my hair was freshly done and even when it was time for maintenance, people would stop me all the time and ask me for my stylist’s business card. I even started a sis twist trend at work. I was often told how natural my hair looked.

But it wasn't natural. It wasn't MY hair.

I decided that I wanted to run my fingers through my hair. Everyday. In its natural state. I briefly considered my options. I had a beautifully thick head of hair. I could start wearing my hair out in various twist outs and roller sets. I could rock my fro. The possibilities were endless. It would allow me a chance to really get to know my hair and to see what it can do–good and bad.

However, I’ve always had loc envy. There is nothing like a crown of well-maintained locs – on women and on men. As I started researching, I discovered Sisterlocks. In talking to women who have them, I just knew they were for me. It just felt right.

My lock anniversary is on May 1-2, 2010. Join me on my journey towards fully loving and embracing the bend of my hair.

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