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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dreadlocks vs Sisterlocks the benefits


WHAT ARE THE Benefits with having SISTERLOCKS 

VS Natural Traditional DREADLOCKS??

can anyone tell me this??

Time and maintenance?


Look and feel??


what is your experience?

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  1. You know, I do not have Locs yet but I would get the Traditional Locs. My experience with being an assistant while styling SisterLocks is that they are very expensive $800 to $1000 is the starting price in the Washington D.C. area. To begin Sisterlocs, you would have to go to the stylist and allow her to instill trial Sisterlocs in the back of your hair. You will have to use the Sisterlock shampoo for two weeks to see if your hair is ready for sisterlocs. Once it is determined that your hair is ready, it takes two day (8 hours) to instill Sisterlocs. As they grow, they are easy to break. I remember being a hair styling assistant at a resent photo shoot. This woman has her Sisterlocks roller set. As we began to take the rollers out, two or three of her Sisterlocks came out of her head. I believed this happened due to the thinness of the Sisterlocks. Sisterlocks are very light on the head. To maintain them is also very expensive which depends on how long you allow the new grow to grow out.

    As for Traditional Locs, it is best to get a professional to start them because the parting would be correct which will prevent heaviness as the Loc begin to grow. The price rang to begin locs with short hair is about $150 or if you wish to begin your locs with lengthy hair, the price will be about $200 due to time. Traditional Locs grow beautifully when done professionally and it is very rare that Locs will begin to fall out. However, watch out for to much Loc-styling up do's. Many women & men hair will begin to show signs of alopcia. Maintenance isn't that expensive. You'll pay no more than about $95 to $150, depending on your new growth.

  2. Sisterlocks, The Downside:
    I love my sisterlocks! But I'm going to be as even handed, based upon my experience, as I can.

    Sisterlocks take a longer time to install than traditional locs. I had about 2 inches of new growth and my very experienced trainee took two days to intall mine (8-5 and 8-4 with about a one hour break each day).

    Sisterlocks are more expensive that traditional locs to maintain, but are less expensive to maintain than than weaves and their equivalents, and perms.

    Sisterlocks usually take longer than traditional locs to retighten. Depending upon how many you have and the skill of your consultant, you may sit anywhere from 2 hours to several hours for retightening. I have a big head, dense hair, 600+ sisterlock, AND my hair grow fast, so my re-ty takes about 4.5 hours every 5 weeks. But in all fairness, this is a bit a atypical. Most people have 375 to 450 locs and can go for re-ty every 6-7 weeks or so. Such a person would take my consultant only about 2 hours to retighten.

    Sisterlocks, The Positives:
    Sisterlocks and breakage? - this has NOT been my experience. If installed correctly, the reason for losing sisterlocks is the same as the reason for losing traditionals - overstyling (particularly with pins and tension), overprocessing with color (particularly lifting color).

    Sisterlocks are LESS likely to cause alopecia when they are long because of the light weight of the locs. There is less pull concentrated at a single wide base than with traditional locs.

    The small size makes drying time much shorter.

    The smaller size allows sisterlocks to hold curls and waves longer that traditional locs.

    The grid pattern used to install them and the small size make for the ability to create a wide variety of styles. I've seen sisterlocks cut into almost any shape - asymmetric bobs, pageboys, layers, etc. Women concerned about the 'acceptability' of locs in their more conservative workplace may be more confortable with sisterlocks. I've met sisters in investment banking with sisterlocks.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  3. I have small traditional locs for versatility, but they aren't as micro as sister locks. My loctician is also a sister locks consultant. She uses the palm roll method. I chose the traditional option for several reasons. I love locs and I want people to know they are locs from far away, not only when they are close upon me. The interlocking technique looks damaging and it gives the loc the appearance of flatness, plus the loc feels rough to the touch. I prefer the cylinder shape of traditional, palm rolled locs. I can easily maintain my hair once it was started by a professional. I don't need or want to sit in a salon for hours for maintenance. Sister locs are too expensive to start and maintain and it seems like something of a hassle to maintain myself. I don't want to rely on someone to do my hair. I'd considered both prior to choosing my loc'd journey and traditional locs fit my style, time, finances, and efforts the best.

  4. Thank you for your tips ladies - very helpful i didn't even know what sisterlocks were and thought they might involve some kind of hair extentions. Now i see that they are very fine locks. After reading about dreadlocks i think sisterlocks may well b for me.

    From London

  5. I don't know if I should get sisterlocks or very thin dreadlocks.
    I'm leaning towards the thin dreadlocks mainly because of price

  6. SisterLocks are by far a better choice due to versatility and hair health. They are more of an investment however, and if you can't afford the upkeep, perhaps you should choose the less expensive traditional lock. Good Luck!

  7. I'm thinking about traditional locks, but what exactly are the different locking methods?