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Thursday, February 14, 2013

People are always...

People are always...: People are always looking for someone better than themselves, I think this is why confusion and heartbreak comes into play in relationships. You want him to be all the things you are not, you want her to be gorgeous so you won't feel so ugly.
But when people you mate with who know that they are better than you:financially, emotionally, physically, they will never assume a position of humility with you as long as you are searching for 'completeness"...they know that they are the prize and that you have more to lose by not having them in your life.

When you disclose you neediness, then the game begins..How much they can hurt you, weaken you, toy with your emotions becomes the routine. Love yourself first, I mean that you dont get taken for a ride...Don't let anyone dangle a carrot over your head, you are better than that!

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