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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Maryee's Sisterlock Journey

Thank you to all who've joined the Locked Hair Blog Exchange. Encourage your other locked friends to get a blogger account and get to blogging. Blogging, like journaling is very therapeutic. I know I've learned so much more about myself, computers, html, picasa photos, web design, and others just by opening up a blogger account. Ain't that great? When you are learning, you are growing!

Here's my fotki album. There's more pictures in the album that might not be on the blog. Enjoy!

Welcome and Happy New Year!!


Locked November 28, 2003

Note: All bloggers in the exchange, please be kind enough to link The Locked Hair Blog Exchange to your blog. Also, please edit your posts and add a current picture and tags.


  1. Maryee, what did you do to style your hair in the May 7th photo on the blogspot? It looks great! I am not a hair person, but would like to start doing something different to my hair than just wearing it straight. Nermar1@yahoo

  2. Greetings! Thanks for the kind compliment. I'll have to get back with you on what I did to get this style. I honestly don't remember. I usually bantu know my hair or braid it back in cornrows for a breakout, or I braid and band. In this case, I don't remember what I did. If I can find any "pre-pics" which I sometimes take, I'll know and email ya with what I did. Thanks for stoppin' by the exchange!

  3. Maryee,

    What did you use in this photo to do a french roll? I really want to try some new styles but I can't seem to find the right hair tools to hold the locks without hurting my scalp or putting stress on my locks.


  4. Hey Abena,

    Which picture are you talking about, the one with me wearing black or white? Let me know.


  5. Maryee, i'm new to this blogger stuff, i have just started a journal, and want to know how i could be put on the lock exchange, my link is

    thank u

  6. Nubiax,

    Wishing you well as you start your journey. I'll send an invite tonight! Blessings to you!!!

  7. Love your SL Journey blog and photo documentation. I've had SLs for over 10 years and my hair is almost down to my waist. With all that length, my styling method has changed. I no longer roll my hair all the way up to curl it. I braid it until about 2 inches from the ends, and then roll those last two inches with flexible satin rollers or loc loops. When completely dry (usually overnight) it makes nice krinkle-waves with beautiful curls on the ends.