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Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Thoughts for Bloggers about Google AdSense

Have you seen folk's blogs or website and they have ads from Google on them? Wonder if they are making any money?

It takes a good while to start generating money on ADsense, and I'll tell you why. As far as locked hair blogging,what we have is a niche market of folks reading our blogs and no where near the amount we'd need to #1 visit them, and #2, be interested in clicking on the ads we have no control over coming up on our blogs/websites. Some of the ads are quite cheesy. I have on my website, Amazon ads, too and some of them are quirky and bulky I might add (by the template I chose).

I have mixed feelings about it, cause I'd rather folks stay on my blogs or website than travel somewhere else, cause the payoff is little every time someone clicks on an ad. The payoff is huge if everytime each visitor came to the blog they clicked on an ad. Not likely. They'll click on other links, like the ones we suggest/add before they click on the adsense ads. We know that. Hope this makes sense.

That's why I decided to add my adsense code to every blog of mines, including every page on my website because each page pulls different ads according to the content of the blog/webpage.

When I realized the hits were very slow I stopped checking on my adsense turns every week because you have to accumulate like I think $100 worth of clicks before they cut you a check. And although I haven't checked my hits in a while, I was only averaging a couple of dollars a week/month, if that.

Now, if over time, everyone adds my blog/website to their blog, then the chances of traffic will increase. And don't let me mess around get some of my writing published. Whoa! Instead of me reacting, I'll already be set to potentially get some good ole' hits on the ads when the traffic increases.

My suggestion is, if you don't mind seeing the ads, go ahead and sign up and don't look back at your stats cause they'll only make you mad. Just keep on blogging and one day, you'll get a nice check in the mail for $100 and it will come right on time!


  1. thats so true. i signed up for adwords and adsense..waste of 5 bucks to set it up.

  2. Hey Cheleski,

    What $5 did you have to pay for? I've never paid Adsense anything. They have however paid me quite a bit since posting this post about it. I've actually gotten quite a few $100 checks in the mail. I will post about it in my blog some time in the near future.