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Monday, March 31, 2014

Thanks for Visiting the Locked Hair Blog Exchange

This post will remain at the top of the blog exchange. Please scroll down.
My name is Maryee and I am the moderator of the blog exchange. My hair has been Sisterlocked since 11-28-03 and the "sisterhood" has been growing by the day. Most of the blogs are that of women who have their hair Sisterlocked, simply because the idea came from a discussion we had December 2005 in Lockitup, which is a yahoo group that discusses primarily Sisterlocks. Sisterlocks is just one way in which locks can be created. The locked hair blog exchange is more about embracing any kind of naturally locked hair for people of color. We do have a few brothers who blog about their locs, but could use a few more who are willing to share.

Women and men are being inspired to get back to their natural selves and be free from chemical bondage. That's a good thing. The blogs have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for any and everyone at what ever stage they are in their locking journey. Many who want to read about personal stories find the exchange a great place to start because most of the bloggers update regularly. You'll read about good days and bad days, but mostly good days. You'll see lots of photos and some who are really passionate, will share "how-tos".

So for the sake of clarity, the blog exchange is for anyone (male or female) who has their hair in a locked state and you blog about your hair, it's maintenance or have lots of photos of your hair in a blog or online photo album is invited to join. You'll learn about the bloggers personal/professional lives among other things which makes for entertaining reading. Be careful though, cause blog surfing and blogging can get a bit addictive. Ask most of the avid bloggers.

The guidelines are here, so check it out if you are interested. You won't spend much time here, because the purpose of the blog exchange is for you to visit the blogs/albums below. This is just a central location. Add the exchange to your favorites or blogroll it and if you have a blog and are not a member yet, go ahead and link the exchange. And by all means, show the bloggers some love by commenting on their blog posts. They'd sure appreciate it. Also, if you are new to the blogging community, please check out this post for some suggestions on how to get started. Wishing you all the best in your quest for freedom and online support in your natural journey.

The Locked Hair Blog Exchange consists of about 200 blogs of folks who want to share their locked hair journeys with the world. I'm thankful for them sharing a part of themselves with each of us. We continue to inspire others as we've been inspired, too.


LHBE Members: Please only make ONE BLOG POST for your blog. You can update your original post often, changing pictures, but do not post new messages/pictures elsewhere in the exchange about you or updates to your blog. Take care of that in your original post. If you have something you'd like to share with the exchange not related to your blog or have questions about posting, email me first at maryeepc at gmail .com If you post more than one time, the new one will be removed or the two merged with your original blog post.

Thanks for your help in keeping the locked hair blog exchange orderly. Having only one blog post per blogger makes it easy for me to moderate and take care of the exchange and have a somewhat normal life. The feedback I receive offline about how the exchange is helping ladies make their decision to lock is VERY positive! Thanks for sharing your wonderful journeys!

Keep it natural and keep it locked up!

I wanted to leave this post up top so those of you who are inspired by the Locked Hair Blog Exchange can leave comments. If you stumbled upon the Exchange either by googling it or it was referred to you by a natural hair on-line group or person and you've found it to not only be inspirational, but motivational for you to either get locked (no matter what the method), or blog about your locking journey, then we want to hear from you. Please leave your comments here in this post. This goes for the LHBE members as well. Don't be shy!


  1. Hello Maryee: I have monitored your Blog Exchange all summer and finally have SISTERLOCKS of my own! I also began my own blog, but since I'm new at it it is not quite "right" yet. However, how can I get my blog into this community? Please let me know. ( Thanks.

  2. Hey Maryee,
    I have been following your blog for months and am finally SL'd! Now I feel worthy of being included on your blog spot. I would be honored if my blog was posted.

  3. Hi Maryee,
    Just SL'd on Dec 18,2007 so I am 2 weeks in. Started my blog page and am really trying to figure all of this out. I would love to be included on this site as well. Please tell me what I need to do so that I can post a pick and a comment for the blog.

  4. Maryee I have no idea when i updated my blog it went to lb..I am so sorry I am a blog loser!

  5. Hi Maryee,

    This is handzie I just got my hair sisterlocked and i
    have been trying to figure how to place my picture and comment on the lock blog exchange-I created a blog and then after i have been trying to see if my picture would post -but, nothing-what do i do.

  6. Hello Maryee, Im interest in having my blog added to the exchange..pls advise what steps are required when you have a moment.If this is a duplicate request pls excuse me ....Im not sure if I submitted my request correctly.
    Thanks for your time

  7. mary I have a dilemma everytime I down load from the wb it gets posted on your website even when the site I am downloading from ask for the title of my blog what do I need to do differently to ensure they are goin to my post.

  8. Hello Maryee
    I would love for my blog to be added to this exchange the only problem is i don't know how. I recently have had SL's installed and would like to share my info just as those who have come before me. Can u pls post me the instructions of how to ..... if you think i'm worthy enough.
    Stay Blessed

  9. Good morning from ROCKINLOCZ here in Kansas City. I have been following your blog and I love all the pics and information that is given. I too would like to post my blog but am clueless as to how. I recently installed my own bradelocz and would like to share my journey. Please advese. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the link sis Bless...
    I really like what your doing..

  11. Maryee,

    This blog has been a great inspiration and a wonderful resource for me during my research about Sisterlocs. My installation is complete and I am well prepared to begin my journey. Thank you very much for using your gift to help others along this journey.

  12. Hi,

    I'm Sereni-T and have just started a blog to document my journey into sisterlocks. I've been natural for six years and finally decided to take the plunge into lockdom. My babies were born on December 21, 2008. I would love to share my journey with all that care to view it. The blogs are what inspired me to join the sisterlock family. Enjoy...

  13. This is a great blog..I came here looking and found a lot of information for my son who is growing his hair out for locks

  14. Hello Maryee,

    I love this blog exchange, and I would love to be part of it. I am in France and hold a blog (in french). I am debating wether i shold hold it in english as well anyways here is my blog adress.
    I have pictures and I think pretty much anyon can understand those!:)

    Thank you very much for your blog!

  15. Hey Maryee,

    I was a lurker for awhile and decided to start my own blog. Excited to be starting a new journey and wanted to share with my fellow loc mates. I've decided to start small to medium traditional locks with two strand twists and I'm loving the look so far. We'll see where it takes me.

    Thanks for linking everyone together ;-)


  16. Hi Maryee,

    6 months ago I installed microbraidlocz in my hair and recently started a blog about my journey. I would like to be a part of this wonderful community as this is where my search for info began.

    Thanks so much for starting this blog exchange!

  17. I have been looking at this blog for quite some time, and I got so much inspiration to start my braidlock journey, I would love to post my fledgling braidlock blog here to share information with people who are in the boat I was in not so long ago!

  18. Yahvinah,

    Comments cannot be made to your blog posts. You need to email me for instructions on joining the LHBE. My email is in this post. Thank you.

  19. Hello All!

    I was referred to this website by one of my clients. I am on a journey to find places where I can connect with people in the natural hair-care world. I have been trained in Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks and have clients whom I service but I am trying to become certified and need two more new installations. Please connect with me if you are in Philadelphia, South Jersey or Delaware. I do door-to-door service and I work out of RASA Salon. RASA Salon is also taking new clients so please stop by (62 W Manheim Street, Philadelphia, PA).

    You can look me up on the sisterlocks website as Melissa Gray to verify my training. I am also developing my own blog site for those who would like to see my work. Until that is up and running, please be sure to check out my mentor Amber (natural hair care artist), at I work directly under her and have been gaining new creative experience.

    Consultation appointments can be made at

    First two clients are 10% off!

  20. This has been an incredible resource - for both information and inspiration! -- Lici

    1. I think it's an opportunity to get more information about the hair problems. I am also facing hair loss problem. That is why I have to use human hair extensions for a couple of years. I am afraid of my hair loss. Thanks for your offer.

  21. Hi maryee! My name is debbie. ive been locking for two years before i combed my locks out and installed a new set of braidlocs. i have a few blogs posted up already and i want to post up a blog on the lock exchange about my new journey... the only problem is that i dont know where to go to on the page so i can post one up. i looked everywhere but for some reason i think im overlocking a few things. At this any info on how to post up a blog on this exchange will be useful if its not a problem. :) thank you!

  22. It's been a while and I'm going through 'withdrawal' Is there a backlog or just no new blogs to add to the LBHE website?

  23. Hi - This is a great website! Thank you for starting and maintaining it. We need it. I have been natural since 2004. I started my locs with braids in 2006 and I love it! I don't have a blog but I do have a YouTube channel that is active and is documenting the growth and styles of my locs. Come check me out at and please keep up the great work on this site :-) Stay blessed!


  24. Hi Maryee,

    I am newly sisterlocked and I would love to have my blog featured on the blogroll. I have been blog stalking for some months now and I would love to join the circle =]

    Thanks in Advance,

  25. Hi Maryee!
    This exchange inspired me to start blogging. I hope my blog will be as helpful as the ones listed here. Thank you.

  26. Maryee,
    Im not sure if my previous question was posted. Please advise how to I can start & maintain my blog on this site pls.. I am having my SL installed in 2Weeks & I want to share & document all my experiences. This blog site & others like this, helped me soooo much, in regards to me finally making my 6yr decision to get SL done. Please advise how to go about starting with this site. Thanks Tiare

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